Jan 8, 2009

Create System Restore Point in Windows Vista

In previous post you read how to create system restore points in Windows XP and how to restore your system a previous state using the created restore point. Today we will see how to create a restore point and restore your system using System Restore in Windows Vista.

Windows Vista creates these system restore points automatically while installing new software or updating drivers as a precaution. So that you can have a working system if something goes wrong. You can create a system restore point manually in Vista.

Creating the Restore Point

--- Go to Control Panel --> System and Maintenance --> Backup and Restore Center OR you can search for backup in Vista start menu OR you can right click on My Computer and select properties .

--- If you are in the Backup and restore screen then in the left side pane click on Create a restore point or change setting. And if you used right click on My Computer then in the left pane select System Protection. You will see this screen.

--- Now click on the create button. A new dialog box Create restore point will appear.

Give a appropriate description and Click Create.

--- The system will create the restore point and you will get a confirmation about the successful creation of the restore point.

Next time we will see how to restore your system to a previous working state using the created System restore point.

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