Jan 8, 2009

Using Vista System Restore Point

If you don't know how to create a system restore point then click on the link to see how it works. Now that you know how to create the restore we can move on to restoring your system using the created restore point.

Suppose you install a new driver or a trial application for testing and your system becomes unstable. The first thing you should do is uninstall that driver or the application. But sometimes this option doesn't give the expected results and your system will still be unstable.
Your next step should be to restore your system to a state before installation of the driver or application. Windows might have created a system restore point before starting the actual installation process. Or if you have created a restore point manually before installing then here is how to use it.

--- Right click on My Computer and select properties. You will be taken to system information screen.
--- Now in the left pane click on System protection. You will see this screen.
--- Now click on the System Restore button shown in the above image. You will get Restore system files and setting dialog box. Click next on that screen.
OR Directly you can go to Start Menu --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools And select System restore.
OR you can search for system restore in start menu search box and click on system restore.

--- In the next screen you will asked to select the restore point. Select the required restore point and click next.
--- In next screen confirm your selection and click on Finish button. You will be shown a warning message saying you cannot interrupt the process. click yes to confirm the operation.
--- You will be logged off and system restore operation will start. After the operation completes. You will shown a confirmation of successful operation. Click OK. and Start using your restored PC.

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