Jan 7, 2009

Using System Resotre in Windows XP

System restore is a feature of windows which allows you to take your system back to a state to an earlier date. That is it restores your system to a state where everything was working correctly. You can use system restore feature if something goes wrong while you try to install new software or update drivers or simply because your system became unstable after some changes you don't remember doing. System Restore allows you to undo all these changes.

System restore creates snapshots of your system called system restore points. Windows creates these restore points automatically whenever a major event takes place like installing new software or drivers.

You can return to a previous working state of your computer without loosing any document files, emails & Internet explorer favorites. And you will not loose files in My Documents other windows default folders.

Windows allows you to create System restore points manually. So you can create a system restore point when everything in your system is working fine.

Creating a system restore point

--- Go to the start menu --> Control panel

--- Select performance and maintenance and then click on System. If you are using the classic view in control panel then you will see the system option directly in control panel. In the system restore tab check if it is enabled if not click on setting and place a check mark on the drive you want to enable the system restore.

--- If it is already enabled then go to Start Menu --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools. Then click on system restore.

--- Now on the Welcome page that appears, select create a restore point.

--- When the create a restore point page appears enter a description you can remember like driver update or software install.

--- Now click create on the bottom of the page. The restore point will be created and you will be shown a successfully created confirmation page.

Restore Computer to Working State Using the Created System Restore Point

You have created a system restore point previously. Now you want to restore your system using them. Follow these simple steps.

--- G0 to Start Menu --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools.
Then click on system restore.

--- Again you will see the welcome screen. But this time you have to choose Restore My computer to an earlier time. And click next.

--- Now you will be asked to select a restore point. Select the one you want and click next. Just confirm that you have selected the correct restore point.

--- Close all the running programs and click next. Your computer will automatically restart. After the reboot a restoration complete page will be shown.

Your system will be free from any problems you were having. If you are still experiencing the problem then you can select a different restore point.

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