Dec 10, 2008

Remove Shortcut Arrow

When using Windows you must have noticed that the shortcut icons of all the applications have a arrow on the icon. This arrow indicates that it is a shortcut to the original file and not the original application file. But it doesn't look good on the desktop especially if your desktop is full of shortcuts. And whenever you create a shortcut by sending a file to desktop it comes with a arrow.

You can remove this arrow from the icon with just a registry trick

--- Go to registry editor by typing regedit in the run dialog box.

--- Then in the left pane go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and look for the key named lnkfile (don't confuse L with I its Lnkfile). Click on it.

--- Before making any changes, backup the registry. Now in the right pane look for IsShortcut entry and delete it.

--- This is how this will look

The arrow is removed and your icons look better.

If you are using windows xp you can use the Tweak UI power toy from Microsoft.

--- Download TweakUI from here. Install it.

--- Now start Tweak UI and on the left side click on Explorer and then on shortcut.

--- In the right side in shortcut overlay select none to remove the arrow. Click apply and OK.

That's it the arrow is gone.

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