Dec 9, 2008

Use Power Button to Shutdown Vista

While using Windows xp whenever I wanted to shutdown the PC, I used to press the power button once and the system would shutdown. But in case of Windows Vista when you press the power button the system goes to sleep mode. Its good if you want to get back to work quickly after some rest but if you want to keep the system down for longer periods then you would like to shut it down. Now to use the power button to shutdown Vista system we have to make some changes to the power settings.

So here is how you do it.

--- First go to Start menu then to click Control Panel.

--- In Control Panel click System and maintenance, and then on Power Options.

--- Select the poer management you want to use then click on change plan setting.

--- Then in the next window click Change advanced power setting. A dialog box will pop up.

--- Click on the + sign in front of the Power buttons and lid option and then expand the Power button action by clicking on the + sign in front of it.

--- Then click on setting. A drop down box will appear, select shutdown as the option.

--- Click Apply then OK and exit the power options.

Now whenever you want to shutdown the PC in a hurry just press the power button.

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