Dec 13, 2008

Change Frequency of System Restore Point

As Windows xp, Windows Vista also has the System Restore function. Vista creates a system restore point once a day. It also creates these points when you update your system or install some software or drivers. But most of us don't do many changes to our system on a daily basis. So once everyday frequency is not very useful. But you have the option to change it through registry. But be careful when using the registry as it may render your system unusable if you change the wrong setting.

Okay now on to how to change the frequency of your system restore point in vista

--- open registry editor by typing regedit in the start menu search box and hit enter.

--- If you have UAC then you have to approve the window that appears and the registry editor will open.

--- Now in the left pane find this key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore

--- Once you click on the SystemRestore key in the left pane look for the entry RPGlobalInterval. Double click on it to edit it.

--- Now the value is in Hexadecimal but I don't know the hexadecimal equivalent of my value I want to enter. So change the value to Decimal. If you know the hexadecimal go ahead with it.

--- The default value is 15180 in Hexadecimal and 86400 in Decimal which is seconds equivalent to 24 hours i.e. a day.

--- Now you can enter the value you want, like if you want to create system restore point once a week then enter 604800.

--- Click OK after you have entered the value then close the registry editor and you are done.

Now Windows will create the restore point once a week or the amount you chose to do it.


  1. This is a great tutorial …one of the best I’ve seen from you yet. I really appreciate you sharing your inside tips and tricks…

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  2. Great tip. Thank you so much. ;)