Dec 22, 2008

Disable Control Panel

You have a PC which is used by many people and your friends know a thing or two about windows and keep changing options using the control panel. And you get uncomfortable with those changes. You can fix this issue. What you need is a registry hack and you can disable the control panel altogether. So no more lost setting for you.

--- To disable control panel, type regedit in Run box and hit enter.

--- Now look for the key

--- In the right pane create a new key by right clicking in the empty space and selecting 32 bit DWORD value.

--- Name this key as NoControlPanel. Now double click this key and enter a value of 1 in the value data field.

--- Click okay and exit the registry.

--- You can check the change in setting by going to Start menu and clicking on Control Panel. You will see this message

Now you know this was a success and your settings and programs are safe.

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