Dec 23, 2008

Backup Blogger Posts and Template

When you first start blogging you use the default settings and templates provided by the Blogger service. But once you explore it for a while you feel the urge to change the blog to your liking. But after making many posts you must be careful when you change anything in your blogger setting. Before you do any changes you must save you template that is backup your entire template.

To do this..

--- Log in to your blogger account then go to Layout --> Edit HTML

--- Then select the option of Download Full Template.

--- A dialog box will popup asking you to save the file. The template will be saved as a xml file. write a appropriate name for it save it in a safe place.

Now to restore the template if anything goes wrong.

--- Go to the same screen as earlier mentioned but this time select the option of Upload a template from a file on your hard drive by clicking the browse button provided. Select the file you kept as a backup. Then press the upload button.

--- Your blog will be returned to its normal state as you had saved it earlier.

Blogger now provides a option to backup or as the option says export your entire blog posts that's right the posts you made and even the comments made by your readers. This is an important feature if you want to change your blog but not loose all your earlier posts.

--- To export your posts got to your Settings --> Basic screen

--- The first option you see is Blog Tools.

--- This is where you can Export your entire blog or Import an earlier Exported blog. And the other option is Delete blog which I am sure will not be used by many.

--- Now to Export your blog just click on Export blog option and you will see a button to Download blog. Click on it and choose a path to save the resulting file. This again will be a xml file.

--- To restore the blog click on the Import blog. You will be taken to the Import a blog screen.

--- Here you need to select the xml file you exported earlier by using the browse button. You need to confirm the image verification check. And then press the Import blog button. Note that you have a option to Automatically publish all the imported posts.

That's it, this is how you can backup your blogger template as well as backup or Import/Export the posts you made and the comments made by your readers.

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