Dec 21, 2008

Menu Show Delay

In windows xp when you take your mouse pointer to any menu items the menu appears after some delay. This delay is called menu show delay. It gets irritating if you are used to work faster. But you have the choice to reduce this delay or also have the option to increase the delay if its getting too quick to handle. Okay to do this you have to edit the registry. Be sure to backup the registry before you do anything.

--- Go to registry editor by typing regedit in the Run dialog box.

--- Now go to the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop in the left pane.

--- In right pane look for the entry MenuShowDelay.

--- Its default value is 400 milliseconds you need to edit this. To do this double click on it to open key. Now enter a value which is lower than 400, like 4 to reduce the time it takes to show the menu. Or enter a value greater than 400, like 4000 to increase it.

--- Now click OK and exit the registry. Logoff or restart windows for the setting to take effect.

This trick works in Windows XP only and not in Windows Vista. Because in Vista the MenuShowDelay setting is bypassed by the Windows Aero and the changing the value doesn't have any effect.

This trick has the chance to work in vista only when Windows Aero is disabled and Windows classic theme is selected. But disabling Vista's aero interface just to get this setting is not worth. So if you still want to apply this setting you can follow the same procedure as above.

If you have any questions ask them in comments. I will be glad to answer them.

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