Dec 24, 2008

Comment Box below Blog Posts

When first started this blog I kept everything to default setting and just wrote the posts about tips and tricks. But after some days people started visiting my blog but nobody was leaving any comments. I thought the reason was I didn't have a comment box below my posts for people to leave comments easily instead of opening a popup or a new window just to leave comment. So i decided to edit my template to include a comment box. Now I can share this information as it worked for me.

So if you want to get a comment box below your posts just follow these steps.

--- First backup your blogger template so that you don't loose anything if something goes wrong.

--- Blogger has the feature to embed the comment box below your posts. To activate this you need to log in to your blooger account and select settings of the blog you want to edit.

--- Once there select comments and you will see some option. One that is important to us is Comment Form Placement. In there select Embedded below post option and Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page. --- If you are using the default blogger templates then you will immediately see the change below your post with a box for the comments. But many bloggers don't use the default templates of blogger and they have heavily customized templates. In this case you need to make some changes to get your comment box.

--- First go to blog layout --> Edit HTML

--- Then select the Expand Widget Templates check mark.

--- Then look for this code

Just search for the first few words using your browser search feature. Once you find the above code replace it with the following code.

Save your template and view your blog for the changes you made.

A little more research on the internet gave me another very easy way to get the comment box below your post in blogger. If you don't want use the above method then you can try this.

--- Go to Layout --> Edit HTML as before with the Expand Widget Templates Check mark ON.

--- Then look for the line

--- Just replace the comments in the above line to comment-form or just copy and paste the code below to make it look like this.

Save your template and see the changes.

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