Dec 26, 2008

Multiple Rows of Bookmarks in Firefox

Ever since I started using firefox I started to keep my most visited or some rare pages which were hard to search for in my bookmarks. But as time went, the number of bookmarks increased and it was not possible to hold them in a single row. But there was no option to get multiple rows or for that matter second row also. I used some codes to change the userChrome.css file but everytime a new problem was arising and only a single row of bookmarks was showing with the drop icon at the end for overflowing bookmarks. I got tired of it stopped looking to increase the bookmark rows.

But some days back I was looking for some addons and all of a sudden there I saw a addon which was saying something about bookmarks. It got my attention and as it turned out it was what I looking for, for a long time. It was a firefox addon which allowed me to have multiple rows of bookmarks.

So if you people are also inrested in getting this addon then

--- Go to this addon page

Multiple rows of bookmarks - addon

or you can search for Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar in the addons search field.

--- Just hit the add to firefox button when you reach the page. A window will popup asking you to install the addon. Click install now.

--- You need to restart firefox to use the installed addon.

--- To configure it go to Tools --> Addons and then select multirow bookmarks toolbar and click on preferences.

--- Here you can set the number of rows you want to use for the bookmarks. Set any number you want and close that dialog box.

--- The second row of bookmarks will appear as soon as the first one gets filled and consequently the other rows if you have selected more.

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