Nov 17, 2008

Disable Vista User Account Control (UAC)

I know this is a security feature in Windows Vista which protects your PC. But it irritates with constant propmpts to accept even very simple actions which kind of gets out of hand. This feature will be useful for the beginners but for someone who is above the beginner will get annoyed with it and will think of going back to old and reliable Windows Xp, i also thought of that once. But once i disabled User Account Control or the UAC it gets easier. So if you want to disable it, here is how you do it.

--- First go to start menu there you will see the control panel link. Go to control panel.

--- When there click on "User accounts and family safety" and then on "user accounts"

--- At the next screen you will see the last option is to turn the UAC on/off. so disable it from there.

Another way to do it is when in control panel search for the word UAC in the vista search in top right corner. You will be directly taken to the link to turn on/off screen of UAC.

Do this and enjoy your Vista as you did with xp.

You can do this also by going to run --> msconfig --> tools
and look for the entry disable UAC. Click on it and press launch it will open a window with confirmation of the action. You need to reboot the PC.

For any suggestions or any help post in the comments.

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