Nov 19, 2008

Uptime of Windows Vista and XP

If you keep your computer running for a long time without shutdown or reboot you may want to know how time it has been since last reboot or what is the time the system is running for, this is called uptime for windows.

You can know the uptime of Windows vista as well as xp very easily.

--- To find Vista’s uptime just open Task Manager by right clicking the Taskbar and selecting Task Manager.

--- Now open the performance tab. Here you will see the uptime in the system section.

You can do this from command line also

--- Type cmd in start menu search box and hit enter

--- At the command prompt type systeminfo and press enter

This will not give the actual uptime but it will show the time when the computer booted.

To easily find the uptime in Windows XP

--- Go to Start-->Run and type CMD then click OK.

--- This will bring up the command prompt where you have to again type systeminfo

--- After a few moments the system information will be shown along with the uptime in day, hours, minutes and seconds

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