Nov 20, 2008

Default Administrator Account in Vista

We know that Windows Vista comes with a few default accounts, referred to as built-in accounts. One of them as we know being the Guest account. The Guest account is present by default in the User Accounts section of the Control Panel and we only need to activate it.

Similarly Vista also has a Default or we can say built in Administrator account, which is not only disabled by default as the Guest account but also hidden.

In order to enable it and bring it up

--- Type cmd in the start menu search.

--- Then right click on cmd and launch the process with elevated privileges by the Run as Administrator command.

--- In the Command Prompt windows enter "net user administrator /active:yes" in order to enable the Administrator account.

--- If you want to revert back to the original setting for some reason then type "net user administrator /active:no" and hit enter.

The built in adminitrator account has all the control over vista and it will not be restricted by the User Accounts Control (UAC)

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