Nov 19, 2008

Automatic Login for Windows Vista

I didn't want to type my password or username everytime I started the PC. I was using a technique to auto login in xp. So checked how to do this for vista and it turned out to be very similar to xp. To do this

--- Go to start menu search and then type NETPLWIZ and press enter.

--- A dialog box will open where you uncheck the box next to “Users should enter a username and password to use this computer”, and then press OK.

--- Another window will come up where you have to put your username and password which you want to auto login with.

--- Reboot your system.

From now on Vista will remember your username and password and login automatically on bootup.

For windows xp you just have to type Control Userpasswords in the run field and the dialog box as earlier will appear follow the same procedure as above to get the auto login in xp. You can also use this command in Vista to acheive the same result. Hope this will help you all.

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