Nov 18, 2008

Remove Unwanted Fonts

When windows boots up it loads up fonts that are installed on your system in the 'Fonts' folder for daily use. But there are so many fonts in the folder of which hardly 10 are used by many users and rest of them are lying there doing nothing but add to the resources used by them. As windows loads these fonts at startup it increases the time for boot up. A simple way to make things easier is to move the unused fonts to a different folder.

For this

--- You can create a folder like fonts-backup on any of your drives

--- Then go to Start --> Control Panel --> Fonts

--- Select all the fonts in the folder and drag and drop them into the backup folder created earlier.

--- You will see some gibberish on the screen but worry not windows will automatically install the basic fonts which it uses.

--- Now the system has the bare minimum fonts the performance at boot up will be increased

--- Now you can pick up some fonts that you use like Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial and more if you use them from the backup folder and copy them to the Fonts folder in control panel.

--- If you removed a large number of fonts then you will definitely see the improvement.

For more tips like these keep coming.....

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