Nov 18, 2008

Optimisation of Boot Files

Constant copy pasting and moving of files results in fragmentation. Fragmentation scatters the pieces of files all over the hard disk. This also affects the files that load at the boot time. And as everyone want their PC to boot a little faster you need to defragment these files so they are put in order to be able to be accessed quickly. There is a registry trick to do this, this is how you do it.

--- First go to start menu --> Run and type regedit

--- Once there find this key

--- In the right pane you will find a Dword entry named Enable. You need to set it value to Y (yes)

--- You need to restart the PC for the changes to take effect.

This setting defragments the boot files and relocate startup files continuously which will reduce the time taken by the hard disk to locate these files. Whick in turn will make the boot process a little faster.

This setting kicks in when the computer is idle for 10 minutes.

If you used the setting you can say about your boot time reduced or no in comments.

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