Nov 18, 2008

Convert FAT32 To NTFS

Many people still use FAT32 file system on their systems, but the NTFS file system is much secure than FAT32 and Windows xp professional supports encryption with NTFS. The only concern is NTFS volumes are not recognized by Windows 95/98/Me and when the system is set up for dual or multi-booting with these operating systems you cannot see those partitions from windows xp with NTFS.

FAT and FAT32 volumes can be converted to NTFS volumes. NTFS cannot be converted to FAT32 without reformatting.

Even if you don't utilize NTFS's full scope of features, the stability and reliability it offers makes it the hands down choice.

So to convert your FAT32 drive to NTFS do this

--- Go to run and type cmd.

--- Command prompt will open.

--- Now type this without the quotes "Convert X: /FS:NTFS"

X --> being the drive to be converted

You will be asked for confirmation twice, just type Y and press enter each time and your selected drive will be converted to NTFS.

Note: Make sure you backup everythig before doing this as a precaution.

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