Nov 20, 2008

Fixing the slow file transfers problem in Vista

When you move from windows xp to windows vista the first thing you will notice is how slow the file transfer operation is in vista.

When you have to transfer large number of files it will be very slow and you cannot always have xp on your hand if you are using only one OS, and it also will not be viable to boot in xp just to transfer some files.

A little search on google led me to the solution of this problem. The cause of slow file operations in vista is Remote Differential Compression. So we have to disable this feature.

This is how to do it...

--- Go to start menu --> control panel --> Programs and features.

--- In the left pane choose the option 'Turn windows features on or off'

--- In the next window that pops up uncheck the "Remote Differential Compression" option and press OK.

That's it, you will see the difference in file transfer operation.

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