Nov 24, 2008

Disable CD Autorun in xp

As many of you may know a lot of viruses spread from CD's and DVD's and most of the times it happens without you knowing it and even when you don't open the CD/DVD to browse the files on it. It happens because of the Autorun feature in windows xp, which directly opens the contents of the CD/DVD to make your life easier, but it makes harder for you to keep your system safe.

Any virus can infect your system if the CD/DVD has it and Autorun in xp is enabled. Autorun will automatically execute the files for you in this case virus infected files which may then affect your system so much so that you have to re-format your system.

I always disable the autorun feature whenever I reinstall windows to make the chances of getting my system infected less from CD/DVD. I will advice you people also to do the same.

Here is how you do it.

--- Click on start and then press run and type this gpedit.msc

--- Then in the left pane go to computer configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System

--- In the right pane look for the entry turn autoplay off and then double click on it and enable it.

--- You can re-enable the autorun by disabling this option by doing the same thing as before and disbling the turn autoplay off function.

This should keep your system safer.

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