Nov 25, 2008

Double Click on Drive Gives Open With Options - Fix

Everyone at some time has experienced the problem where, if we double click on a drive to open it instead of the drive opening, a dialog box with open with options comes up. And you know as soon as this dialog box opens your PC is infected with a virus.

This problem occurs because the virus creates a Autorun.inf file in the root of every drive, which is activated every time you double click the drive. You will not be able to see this file as it is kept as a system file and that's why this file gets left behind on the virus check.

This file is not needed by the system and hence you can delete it. But as it is system file and has hidden and read only attributes you will not be able to delete it. So we first need to clear these attributes and then you can delete these files from all the drives. Here is how you do it..

--- Click on Start menu --> Run and type cmd to open the command prompt.

--- Now type "attrib X:\Autorun.inf -s -r -h" without the quotes, where X is the drive letter you are going to clean.

--- Now you can see this file in explorer and its ready to be deleted.

--- Delete this file and then restart your system or restart explorer.

and your problem is fixed.

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