Jan 30, 2009

Tabs & "UP" button For Windows Vista Explorer

If are used to the Up button in Windows XP and want to get that button in Windows Vista there is no option in Vista to get it. You need to install a third party software. The software is called QTTabBar. Download QTTabBar from the link. After downloading follow the steps below to get the "UP" as in XP as well as tabs in windows explorer like Firefox if you want.

--- Right click on the QTTabBar.exe file and select Run as Administartor. Then Install the software as usual by clicking next.

--- Now log off or kill explorer and restart it from Task Manager --> New Task by typing explorer in the new task box and hitting enter.

--- Now open My Computer and press the Alt key or Click on Organise --> Layout --> Menu Bar to make the Menu Bar visible.

--- Now from the menu bar select View --> Toolbars and then select QT Tab Bar and QT Tab Standard Buttons.

--- Now both of them are active and you will see something like this.

--- Now right click on double arrow as shown in the above image and Click customize

--- Select the Up one level option from the left pane and press the add button on the right to add it to your menu bar. As shown below. Remove any options you don't want from right side.

--- Don't forget to untick the option Lock toolbar so that you can move the toolbar anywhere you want on the menu bar.

--- This is how it will look

--- To open folder in tabs just middle click on the folder you want to open in a new tab.

--- Don't forget to check the Options of QTTabBar by right clicking in the Tab area and selecting Options.


Q: After uninstalling QTTabBar, the menu toolabar doesn't go away and no option works for it.

A: Before you uninstall QTTabBar right click on the menu bar and deselct both QT Tab Bar and QT Tab Standard Buttons. Then uninstall the application.

(This option is given on QTTabBar Forums)

You have to Edit the registry. Go to registry editor by typing regedit in start menu search box and hit enter. Then find this key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\ShellBrowser

In the right pane look for the entry ITBar7Layout and delete it. Don't worry it will be recreated by windows. Log Off or restart windows.

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