Jan 30, 2009

Increase Performance by Modifying Indexing Options

Windows Vista uses the Indexing service to make the searches faster. These search boxes are present all over the Vista interface. Indexing all the locations of your hard disk makes the searches faster but at the same time consumes lot of resources of your system. All the user profile folders, start menu and some other offline files will be indexed by windows vista by default. This will put load on your PC but you get better searches. But I would recommend to disable the Indexing service as it will boost your performance and keep the indexing on for only start menu. This will reduce the load on windows but it will also slow down your searches. This is a small compensation for getting better performance out of your system. Now to edit the Indexing Options..

--- Go to Start Menu and type Indexing Options in the search box. And press Enter.

--- A dialog box with the Indexing Options like below will open up.

--- Now click on the Modify button.

--- Next select or deselect the locations you want to add or remove from the Indexing. To do this select the location in bottom pane and you will get the option of selecting the folders in that specific location in the upper pane. Like this

--- Once finished Click OK. You can also use the Show all locations button shown in above image to select or deselect the folders.

--- Close the Indexing Options.

That's it.

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