Dec 2, 2008

Reset Windows Vista Password

Sometimes we change the password of our windows system and the next time we try to boot, we remember the earlier password but not the new one. But if you are using Windows vista then there is a chance to get back in your system. But for this you need to create a password reset disk while you still remember your password.

To create a password reset disk you need a floppy drive or a usb drive.

--- Now go to control panel in start menu then click on user accounts & family safety.

--- Then click on user accounts

--- Now on the left side click on Create a password reset disk. This will bring a dialog box to create the disk. You need to have the floppy disk in the drive or the usb drive connected.

--- A wizard for forgotten password will open. Click next on the first screen.

--- On the next screen select the media you want to create the disk in. Select floppy or usb drive as you want. Your internal hard disk as well as CD/DVD drive will not be listed.

--- In next screen you will be asked for the current password. Enter it and click next.

--- The disk will be created with a userkey.psw file in it and then click finish to exit the wizard.

--- You need to store this in a safe place as it will be easy if someone get there hands on this file. They can get in to your PC easily.

--- If you change your password before using this created disk then you need to repeat this procedure to create the disk again.

Now the procedure get back into your system because you forgot the password.

--- At the login screen you will be asked to enter password. Just take a guess and enter any thing as password.

--- If you get it right then all is well but if you don't then click OK after the wrong password you entered and you will be shown a Reset Password link below the password field. Click on it.

--- You will see the password reset wizard. Click next on the first screen.

--- You will be asked to choose the media where you created that file earlier. Select it and click next.

--- Then you will be asked to enter a new password and hint for it. Enter them and click next.

--- You will get the message that password reset succeeded and you can use the same disk again in the future if you don't change the password again.

--- Close the wizard and login using the new password.

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