Nov 29, 2008

Extend Trial Period of Windows Vista

Microsoft allows to take a trial of Windows Vista for 30 days before activation i.e. you can use vista for 30 day without any activation. This is a great move by Microsoft for the buyers. They can test the operating system any way they like for a month before making their decision of buying.

Now if you think in those 30 days you have not seen all the features of Vista and you want to have more time then there is a trick for this within windows. No need to use any third party or illegal software. This trick will increase trial period from 30 days to 120 days.

If you check your basic system information window by right clicking on My Computer and selecting properties you will see the number of days remaining for activation. This trick will be of great if used near the end of the activation period like the last day of activation. Because if you use it earlier then the remaining days from earlier will be lost.

Now to start the process..

--- Go to start menu and type cmd, then right click on cmd and click Run as administrator.

--- Now run this command slmgr -rearm

--- After some time a window will appear asking you to reboot the system. Do so and check the activation days again in the system information you will have the 30 days back.

--- You can use this command 3 times only and if you want to maximize the period to 120 days then its better to use this command on the last day of activation.

There are many illegal hacks or tricks used by some people to use Vista for unlimited days like the timestopper hacks. But be advised its illegal to use and may cause unnecessary problems for you.

If you like Vista after using it for the extended period then you should go and buy it.

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