Feb 26, 2009

Fix System Files in Vista

Some times when your windows systems starts to give errors the cause may be corrupt windows system files. Many a times when we install third party software they replace some system files which starts the problem. But there is no way to repair these files individually or know which file got corrupted.

Fortunately Microsoft has included an application called System File Checker which does the job of finding these corrupt files and also gives the option to repair them.

There are 2 options that can be used from the SFC.exe application. One option is just to verify if the files are corrupted or not and the other option is to verify and repair those files. Here is what you need to to.

--- Go to Run and type cmd

--- Once cmd is open type sfc /? to see all the options that are provided with it.

--- You can choose the option to verify only by tyoing directly in cmd as follows
This verifies the files and reports any corrupt files.

--- Other option is sfc /SCANNOW which will verify and then repair the corrupt files.

--- For replacing any file you will be asked to insert the Windows CD/DVD and sfc will continue its work. Progress bar will show the work being done.

That's it your systems files will be restored to original.

This will also work with earlier versions of windows. Like for fixing system files in Windows Xp and more

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