Feb 4, 2009

Fix 'BOOTMGR is Missing' During Vista Boot

If your system showed the message "BOOTMGR is Missing" when you boot it, then the problem is with your boot sector and it can be fixed so no need to worry. Only thing you need is your bootable Windows Vista DVD. Now to fix the BOOTMGR file.

--- Insert the Vista DVD in your DVD drive and restart your PC. When asked to boot from the DVD do it.

--- Once you reach the setup screen choose the language you want and click next.

--- On the next screen you will see an option the bottom of the window saying 'Repair your computer' Click on it.

It will check on which partition Vista is installed. Select the one you want to repair and click next.

--- Now select the Startup repair option in the next screen that appears. as shown below.

--- The process will repair your system. After the repairing is finished you will be asked to reboot.

--- You can also use command prompt to repair the boot manager. To do this click the command prompt option in the window shown in the above image.

--- When Command Prompt opens type this command and hit enter

--- After this reboot your system and get the Vista DVD out from the drive. You will be able to boot into your Windows Vista system again.

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