Jan 3, 2009

Faster Vista Shutdown

When you shutdown your computer, Windows Vista shuts down all the services. As with all the Windows operating systems Vista also has a predefined time for which it will wait before shutting down everything. If you shutdown your computer and wait to turn off the power then you will be waiting for a long time. Windows Vista waits for arond 20 seconds for all the services to shut down. But you can change this time so that it shuts down quickly.

The default value is set to 20 seconds by Microsoft for normal users so that it works for all the type of systems. But if you are not the normal type of user then you are at the right place.

For this operation of faster Vista shutdown you need to edit the registry. If you modify the setting incorrectly you may prevent your system from booting. So be careful and backup the registry.

Okay now on to the actual editing. There will be only one setting that needs to be changed.

--- Go to registry editor by typing regedit in the start menu search box and hit enter. If UAC is enabled you will be asked to allow this operation.

--- Once in the registry editor look for his key in the left pane and click on it

--- Now in the right pane look for the entry named WaitToKillServiceTimeout.

--- You will see that default value is set to 20000 which is equivalent to 20 seconds. You need to edit this value.

--- To edit this value double click on that entry and enter a value that you want. Remember for 3 seconds you have to enter the value as 3000. But read below before you set it.

Now what is a good value to enter in this setting. I searched for this on many sites and found that a value of 3 to 5 seconds that is 3000 to 5000 works out to be a good one. But if you change it to very low like say 1 second then you may not be able to boot in to your system the next time you boot. Never use a value that low and don't ever enter '0' Zero. This will prevent Windows to shutdown the services properly some of which are very important which save settings at shutdown. So keep this in mind.

A restart will be necessary for this change to take effect. Now enjoy the faster shutdown times. Look for faster shutdown options for windows XP in the next post.

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