Dec 6, 2008

Keyboard Shortcuts for folders

You use some folder more than others and want to get to them as quickly as possible. You create shortcut on desktop for quick access. But the fastest way to these folders would be a keyboard shortcut assigned to them.

So here is how you do it

--- Go to the folder you want to create the keyboard shortcut for, then right click on it and go to the send to menu and send it to desktop (Create shortcut).

--- Now go to the desktop and right click on the shortcut just created and click properties.

--- Now you will see a shortcut key field in the properties dialog box.

--- Now hold Ctrl and Alt keys and press any letter key of your choice or Press and hold Ctrl and Shift key and press any letter key you want as the shortcut. Like Ctrl+Alt+X or Ctrl+Shift+X.

--- Click apply and OK.

Your keyboard shortcut for your folder is created. Just press the keyboard combination you entered in shortcut key to open that folder.

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