Dec 19, 2008

Change "My Documents" Location

The most important folder on every computer is the My Documents folder. Your every important file or personal file is saved in this folder. But unfortunately its located in the your Windows drive and it will be overflowing with all those files. Your drive performance may be reduced due to the fragmented files. Also there might not be enough space left in your windows drive.

In any of these cases you may want to change the default location of My Documents folder. Fortunately its very is to do that nothing special is required.

--- Go to the folder where your My Documents folder is located. The default location is C:\Documents and Settings\UserName

Where C is the drive where windows is installed and Username is the login name of your account.

Or you can just use the Start menu where a link to the My documents folder is available.

--- Now once you reach the folder containing My Documents folder or use the Start menu, just right click on it and then click properties.

--- In the properties dialog box go to the Location tab in case of Windows Vista and In case of Windows XP go to the Target tab. Now click on move button.

--- Now a select destination box will appear select your desired location where you want Your Documents folder to be. You can create a new folder like My Docs if you don't have one already. Just use that folder and click select folder button.
You can create a folder from Explorer and enter the location of that folder in the field given and press find target to make sure its the correct folder.

--- Now click apply and OK to use your new location for My Documents.

To restore the default location go to the same location as earlier but instaed of move button click on Restore Default button and Click Apply and OK to restore the My documents folder to its default location.

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