Nov 28, 2008

Add Open in Command Prompt Option in Vista

Most of the tasks can be done directly from the GUI of windows vista but sometimes it requires a command window to do some serious work. You can got to command prompt by typing cmd in run window. But sometimes you have to go deep in directories and you need to change the default path of cmd all the time to get there.

A fast way to get to the working folder of your choice is to add the "Open command windows here" option to the context menu of explorer. Fortunately Microsoft has integrated this feature in Windows vista but you don't see this option enabled when you right click on the folders.

To get this option all you have to do is hold the shift key and right click on the folder that you want to open in command window as your working directory.

You can also make this option appear on right click only without you having to hold the shift key. To do this you have to edit a registry entry.

--- Go to registry editor by typing regedit in run window

--- Backup the registry as shown here before you do any changes.

--- Then go to this address HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\cmd

--- In the right pane look for the key named Extended and delete it.

--- Close regedit.

And you have the "Open command window here" option in the context menu of windows vista.

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